Grüner See

Austria. The “Land of mountains, land by the river, land of fields (…)”, as their national anthem says and correctly so. The landscape doesn’t change much throughout the country and most of their lakes, even if beautiful, are all some what similar. Yet, there are some hidden gems between the mountains waiting to be seen. Grüner See is one of those gems. It was voted in 2014, on a Tv show, as the most beautiful hidden place in Austria.


Its located in the province of Styria in Austria. Grüner See is a Krast lake, meaning it was formed as a result of collapsed subterranean caves. It gets its crystal clear waters from melting snow from the nearest mountain to it, the Messnerin.

I first found out about the existence of Grüner See after reading an article about diving in it. I Immediately fell in love with the idea of diving in crystal clear waters with lush green vegetation and underwater benches and bridges that are submerged when the water levels are high. To my very big disappoint, I found out that in 2015 the tourism association of Tragöß announced a diving ban to protect the lake from the negative impact that water sports have on the lake.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to see Grüner See with my own eyes. It was breath-taking…







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