Using landscape photography as my departing point I like to push the boundaries of the image as a flat surface. I use photography as a tool rather than as a final work. I like to think of the photograph as my canvas. Rather than working with the traditional white canvas.

My methodology is to intervene with the chosen landscape using the image to guide me as my research, using paint and other materials to manipulate and transform the photograph to give it new meaning yet sometimes using forms that do not follow a logical criteria.

I try to approach a wide scale of subjects always relating to the natural order of the environment and how or if humans have interacted with it to change it or the natural order of it. Although humans are rarely present in my works, I make obvious their impact on the pristine landscape and lost paradise. Creating environmental consciousness in some cases.

In a world filled with images, mass media and mass production, the manipulations I generate are often unique in the way that mainly only one is produced of its kind. I am aware of the difference between painting and photography, mixing these two logics, I transform photography into a unique object and painting into something that looks almost reproducible.